Help your child become successful in school and in life!

Help your child become successful in school and in life!

We have designed a unique program for your children so that they learn the skills they need to excel in school and life. Each child gets equal attention and equal opportunities with us.

We have professionally-developed pre-school programs!

Our pre-school programs are unique and focused on helping your child improve in the social, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual areas. We welcome children from the ages of 18 months to 12 years old in our holistic child care environment. You will realize that we have designed programs for the development of the whole child, as well as academic readiness.

When you register your child with us, they are sure to look forward to coming every day! We give them access to a variety of activities and materials that they might otherwise miss out on during these key formative years.

Your kid's mind will be kept as active as their bodies!

Reading, number readiness, preschool computer programs, and perceptual motor development

French, science, music, art, and field trips
Phonics, reading, and developmental screening
Video monitoring in all classrooms and supervised Homework time
1 1/2 acre play areas

Top -quality childcare

With over 55 years of child care experience behind us, we have mastered the art of providing top quality child care. We even offer multi-child DISCOUNTS for those of you with large families. Watch your child grow and reach their full potential with us at Fisher Early Childhood Development Center.

Is it a challenge to think up ways to keep your children active during the summer? We have exciting summer programs for them. We have a full summer camp environment for school aged children. Including field trips, large play areas, and on- campus activities.

We provide your child well balanced meals and after school pick-up as well!

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